California Firefighters Force Shady Schait Off Trump Teet

IAFF Issues Lukewarm Wildfire Statement


Harold Schaitberger, General President of the International Association of Fire Fighters, has remained silent as Trump has dismantled middle class America, especially unions and working families.

Never forget that Schaitberger caused the IAFF not to endorse in the 2016 presidential election, the sure sign of a coward obsessed with his own cushy deal.

Trump owns Harold Schaitberger for his spineless act.


When Trump uses dog whistles and catch phrases to demean people of color, and weaken our union, Schaitberger remains silent.

Oddly, it took a California wildfire for him to find his weak voice.

And, once again, it’s all about his internal politics.

Schaitberger is terrified of CPF, the California Professional Firefighters, with tens-of-thousands of members and a hefty political operation.

So when Brian Rice, CPF’s president, called out Donald Trump for his absurd comments on forest management and wildland firefighting, Shady Schait also took a swipe at Trump faster than you can say “Silver Oak.”

Credit: CPF

Don’t be fooled, Schaitberger could care less if California burned to a crisp and slid into the Pacific.

What he can’t abide, even for a second, is the thought that Brian Rice or CPF might be dissatisfied with his “leadership.”

It’s a shame really, that CPF and similar IAFF affiliates don’t realize the power they have and deploy it to protect the IAFF from the quisling at the top.

They have the power to make the IAFF an honest, ethical and strong union once again, if only they choose to use it.

Schaitberger is a follower, always waiting to see which way the winds blows.

We deserve better.



  • Mike Mohler says:

    IAFF, a Bold Union? Not anymore!

  • Joe blow says:

    So bringing back manufacturing jobs, low unemployment and higher wages are dismantling the middle class? Huh?
    As to Cali, the forests ARE being mismanaged. Building mansions in forrestss prone to fire is dumb. That’s not the fault of firefighters.

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