EMT as White Nationalist

A Racialist Token


This week, Huff Post, the National Enquirer of the left, “outed” Alex J. McNabb, an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in rural Virginia, as an aspiring Blanco Supremo.

Like that was hard to do.

McNabb has a foot in every major social media camp including twitter, YouTube, Facebook, podcasts and at least one right-wing blog.

In his role, he is the token EMT beguiling his enthralled devotees with stories of life on the street.

According to Huff Post,

“McNabb, 35, is a frequent co-host of “The Daily Shoah,” a popular neo-Nazi podcast. On the show he regularly tells stories about being an EMT, often referring to patients by racist slurs and comparing black patients to animals.”


“During a Nov. 8, 2016, episode, McNabb compared black patients to animals. “The heat brings out the wild in the dindu,” he said, adding that, “as winter approaches, the animals go into hibernation and the ridiculousness of the [911] calls goes down.”

In an Oct. 4, 2016, episode, during a Dr. Narcan segment, McNabb referenced an apartment complex that houses people from “all over Africa and West Africa.” He said emergency workers called it “Ebola Alley.” He then called a black woman a “Dinduisha” and compared her to a shaved “Harambe,” referring to the famous gorilla.

“It’s hard to find a dindu vein anyway, because they’re black,” he said during the episode.

He then told another story of an “unruly young African-American male child running around” an emergency room.

“As it turned out, this young African-American male was there to get blood drawn, so guess who volunteered to take his blood?” he told his co-hosts, who laughed in response. “Dr. Narcan enjoyed great, immense satisfaction as he terrorized this youngster with a needle and stabbed him thusly in the arm with a large-gauge IV catheter.”

By the sounds of it, McNabb is the uber-EMT, crushed with calls, dealing with the urban detritus and ne’er-do-well knuckleheads.

But Patrick County, Virginia, is more like Mayberry than East New York:  population 17,665, of which there are 985 black folk.

That’s 38 people per square mile, not exactly a teeming metropolis.

Ah, the mean streets of Patrick County.

White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis and Blanco Supremos have a dizzying specialized jargon designed, to malign others and to insult their own adherents, mostly over their purity to various “principles.”

McNabb also freely casts about for other sources to underpin his soft-porn white supremacy.

Here he is talking about pre-1950 America.

“The social fabric of the time was a tapestry woven from pragmatic moral tastes, religion and ethnic solidarity all coalescing into an atmosphere that nurtured and reinforced the most capable generations of people in Western countries.”

“Pragmatic moral tastes” may mean lynching without burning first, “ethnic solidarity” is to white supremacy as gosh is to goddamn and I’ll let you guess what color “capable generations” are.

And, that last part, “nurtured and reinforced” is a cloaked reference that America can be made great again through the creation of an elite group of male leaders imbued with special powers inculcated during their youth.

Think Hitler’s youth.

But McNabb is intellectually lazy as when he shows a real fascination for Dominique Venner, a European Nationalist who tried to bring down France in a coup d’etat during the war in Algeria some sixty years ago.

France had been in Algeria since about 1830, and after the French defeat in Vietnam in 1954, the Algerians began a movement for independence which was complicated by the presence of several million white Europeans, colonists, really, living among them.

Algerian War

As France, now ruled by the majestic Charles de Gualle, began to parley with the Algerians, McNabb’s hero, Venner, attempted to overthrow the French in a bid to maintain the status quo, i.e., whites lording it over the natives.

Venner failed because he was representing a lost cause, an ironic fact that McNabb seems to miss entirely in his own lost cause.

de Gaulle

Speaking of jargon, “doxing” is the term applied when folks inform the employers of white nationalists about their activities.

McNabb has been doxed by the left, including an anonymous complaint to the state of Virginia, in an apparent attempt to have his license suspended or his employment terminated.

Like a black sheep, McNabb is a dyed in the wool bigot but whether that is grounds for employment sanctions is a matter for debate.

He has cleverly cast his situation into a fundraiser for the Jeb Stuart Rescue Squad where he works, asking his supporters to mail in donations to them.

Just what are the chances of being fired over your bigoted commentary in a community that is rural, 93% white and where the rescue organization is named after a prominent confederate general?

As a final indicator of McNabb’s weak grasp on reality and strong attachment to victimhood, he rails against Virginia Senate Democrats for scuttling a plan to reopen Patrick County’s sole hospital in a political battle over the extension of Medicare.

From Roanoke.com,

“Democrats played hardball with a measure to update the license for Pioneer Community Hospital in Stuart, demanding that Sen. Bill Stanley support Medicaid expansion in exchange for their votes in favor of his bill, he said.”

Check this out.

The Roanoke Times reports that,

“The hospital’s average census is about 10 to 11 patients a month and nearly 90 percent of them are Medicare patients…” 

That a .013% occupancy rate and those beds were being paid for by Medicare.

Senator Stanley refused to extend Medicare to others, who obviously need it, in a county with 15% unemployment.

By supporting the extension of Medicare he may have helped to ensured the survival of the hospital, yet he refused.

McNabb and Stanley are peas in a pod, each motivated by exclusionary impulses, even to their detriment.

And McNabb is leveraging his Po-dunk Junction ambo gig into alt-right infamy.

Now, that’s a failure to launch.





  • Art Martynuska says:

    Sickening, simple minds dealing in tirades of hate, and bigotry because they lack the capacity to accept anybody or anything that could possibly be their equal or in this case their better.

    • Socialist says:

      Pathetic, but when the discrimination is on the other side it will go unnoticed of course. La Raza professors in academia, blacks openly saying they hate whites, nothing done of course, who could stop the ascendant coalition? But this guy, he’s a real Hitler, he’s killed so many blacks!

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