IAFF’s Golsteyn Charged with Murder

Charges Stem from Afghan Incident


IAFF Chief of Operations Mathew Golsteyn has been charged with premeditated murder in the killing of an Afghan man in 2011 while he was deployed there.

Read more about Golsteyn here.

The news of the killing isn’t really news.

The Times reports that the Army investigated the killing in 2013 and closed the case without preferring charges.

Perhaps feeling safe, Golsteyn gave an interview to Fox News where he again admitted to the killing and the Army then opened another investigation.

Will this put IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger in a quandary; having an accused murderer on staff?


Schaitberger famously fired an IAFF member, Darren Bates, when Bates was charged with solicitation within hours of the arrest.

Bates was afforded neither the presumption of innocence nor due process.

All will depend, as Schaitberger will say, on the “optics.”

In the Bates case, Schaitberger wanted to both dump and destroy Bates while looking pure as a church-going grandmother, complete with white lace gloves and purse.

With Golsteyn, it’s a horse of a different color.

He’s a decorated veteran being charged with battlefield crimes.

Here, Schaitberger can cast himself as a die-hard patriot, standing by a soldier during tough times.

Whatever he does, it will be for his own personal politics, you can be sure of that.

Schaitberger could care less about the facts of the Golsteyn case or the apparent ambiguities involved.

He only cares about what makes him look good, something Golsteyn should pay close attention to.

By the way, after Schaitberger betrayed Bates, an IAFF member, denying him due process, Bates was found innocent by a jury faster than you can say “Schaitberger’s a phony.”





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