EMT McNabb: Infamy has its costs

An Unpaid Vacation

McNabb at the mike.

Alex McNabb, small town Virginia EMT and budding white nationalist, now has more time to appear on his “Daily Shoah”  (an insult on the Holocaust) while also retreating into vicitimization via his twitter account.

And, Patrick County’s leaders are not so happy, either.

CNN reports that the Chair of the Board of Supervisors there said, “This individual should never be involved in patient care at any level. Not as a physician, a nurse, an EMT. Not anywhere.” 

Whoa, shoah.

Patrick County soundly renounces the world according to Alex when it comes to white supremacy trash talk either in the form of perceived wisdom or supposed satire.

As an aside, can you imagine spending a 24-hour shift on an ambulance with him?

By 8AM, you would be saying, “Just shut the f**k up, already.”

(He’d probably file a workplace complaint on you; hostile work environment.)

Some on the job find it impossible to understand that our work comes with a need for a comportment or bearing that requires checking (odious) behaviors at the door.

And, like it or not, in the public safety field, that bearing can also extend outside the specific job confines because of the implied deed of public trust.

It seems it is here that McNabb has fun afoul, telling stories about his alleged encounters whilst on duty claiming that it falls within the sphere of satire or comedy.

For a “mister-tell-it-like-it-is” like McNabb, that’s resorting to cowardly subterfuge.

If he treated patients in the way he suggests or finds doing so comical, it is an ethical breach in any event.

If you wish for employment where you will care for people who are literally helpless and dependent upon your humanity, you must be willing to act in a manner worthy of their trust.

McNabb fails that requirement.

Not only does he fail, he does it in the most in-your-face manner.

Perhaps he has a second career as a stand-up comedian.

We’ll see.




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