IAFF and Shady Schait: Trump’s Best Friend

Old Dog, New Tricks, Not


Anyone who knows Harold Schaitberger at all knows that he is, first and foremost, interested in protecting his own sweet deal.

That translates into never taking any action which might disrupt or upset the many folks who have been bought off along the way.

Any union member or leader with any experience knows that progress only comes with taking real positions, even when it involves some pain.

Schaitberger has always been averse to pain, but never more so than when he decided to abandon the Democrats during the 2016 election.

Folks can have their positions on various aspects of social policy, but only Democrats care about unions and the folks they represent.

Schaitberger tacitly supported Trump with his cowardly decision to cut and run and he is left today trying to hide the results of his decision, the election of a president who despises unions and working families.

Only a nitwit thinks that Trump didn’t cause the government shutdown; he did it on a whim even though the results were a disaster.

It was like draining the booster tank on the way to a working fire.

Blaming it on Congress alienates both friends and enemies, the work of an idiot, for sure.

Still, and believe it or not, Shady Schait can’t bring himself to even mention Trump’s name for fear it might upset someone.

So, when the Federal budget stopgap passed, he had this to say, 

“I am pleased Congress has finally put partisan politics aside to do the right thing for America’s fire fighters.”

In Shady Schait’s view, it’s Congress’s fault rather than the fault of the man who closed the government to appease his supporters.

This is leadership, Shady Schait style: simpering, whimpering, tail between the legs.

When Al Whitehead was General President of the IAFF we were known as a “bold Union.”

It’s a great irony that the legislative conference, named for him, is just around the corner.

Maybe Al could come back and inject a little steel into a certain spine.

Probably not.

All actions are now taken with the sole purpose of protecting Shady Schait’s cushy deal of fancy dinners, first class travel and sweet hotels.

He has given the IAFF away to the highest bidders.



  • Black Bart says:

    Too true. I understand that only two of 16 board members declined to support the spineless motion to offer no endorsement for the 2016 Presidential election. Bold … hardly! Mostly a board of officers that are more concerned about avoiding the ire of the General President than standing up for the locals that they have been elected to represent (as if they remember their constitutional mandate). I can’t see a bright future at the IAFF.

  • Joe Langley says:

    I would just like to say that I am happy with the decision not to endorse a candidate in the 2016 election. I am conservative and christian. I am tired of seeing my union back Democrats who support things that I don’t approve of personally. I have no problem if they do endorse the Democrats in 2020,but it will be without me,I will gladly withdraw from IAFF. I have been a member of local 1784 for 28 years!

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