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Pretty in Pink

We are amidst the bloom here in D.C. and it may be that all the rain has given us an extra dose of pollen; everyone is going about their business with a sneeze on their lips, including me.

Arlington Cemetery, my favorite place, always looks crisp and fresh this time of year; here looking north from JFK.

I caught a dandelion sneaking in at JFK, a reminder that no place is perfect, in fact, the imperfection can be the point.

Mr. Lincoln throws a wild bash every evening, thousands throng the chamber and steps but he serenely oversees it all.

The Rotunda at the National Gallery of Art is stunning as always.  Who doesn’t love the fact that Mercury, enjoying pride of place at the museum, is by an anonymous artist?

Many will know that a tradition at the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial is to leave a tribute, often handmade, to a soldier honored there, two caught my eye on Saturday evening.

They are works of art and remembrance. 

Here is the First Division Monument basking in the evening sun the other night. It’s not well known that Winged Victory was created by Daniel Chester French, of Abraham Lincoln fame; the monument base is attributed to Cass Gilbert who also designed the Supreme Court building.

An early bird found a perch atop a weary soldier at the Korean War Veteran’s Memorial.

Here’s  the swathed cube of the U.S. House of Representatives as they clean her up.

And finally, Mr. Franklin, the First American, watching the scene unfold.




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