IAFF: Harold, Joe and the Trumpies

So Now They Hate Him

Shady Schaitberger

Harold Schaitberger, president-for-life of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), endorsed Democrat septuagenarian Joe Biden the other day for U.S. President and now his members are pitching a fit about it.

I say that he made the endorsement because he decides and the IAFF falls into line behind his choice, a petty Politburo on the Potomac.

The Potomac

Only once in the past did a board member contest Schaitberger’s endorsement decision; that was when he said it was IAFF policy that he made the choice.

The board member balked at that assertion, and he was entirely correct in doing so.

It turns out that Shady Schait was lying and then proceeded with a plan to create a phony policy to cover up the lie until reason, (not his), ruled the day.

The endorsement choice is made all the more farcical when IAFF leadership says they “polled the membership” to make the decision.

Some will know that after serving as a firefighter for 22 years, I worked at the IAFF and sat through discussions related to this polling:  it’s all a sham.

They choose a consultant who will skillfully create questions which lead to a pre-determined result and then poll a selected audience which does the same.

It’s winning the lottery when you control the numbers.

Don’t forget, this is the guy who spent $370,000 of IAFF funds to spy on his own members, cheating is a way of life.

Another Harold Schaitberger echo chamber and it’s about as democratic as a Putin election.


Turns out the IAFF membership is furious at the so-called polling decision because many of them are fervent Trump supporters.

They like a bloated liar in the White House perhaps because there is also one at the IAFF.

A firefighter’s friend?

Schaitberger’s decision is weird because he couldn’t even make a choice in 2016.

He waffled, sat on his hands and finally pissed his pants, taking the easy way out, abandoning the party of organized labor because of his cowardly nature.

Why does Schaitberger think he can tell IAFF members who is best now when he couldn’t even make a decision last time?

It’s the best evidence you will ever see of the complete lack of accountability at the IAFF; he does whatever he wants and thinks you are dumb enough to blindly follow.

That means Joe Biden is hooking up with a fellow who will drop him the moment a better ride comes along, or maybe no ride at all, as in the last election.

Ole Joe

So long, sucker Joe.

But the Trumpies have their panties in a serious bunch, they want four more years of a psycho and suddenly President Schaitberger is shouldering back into the Democratic fold like an unweaned pup on a full tit.

Surprise! None of this is about politics or what is best for the IAFF or its members; it’s about Schaitberger being desperate to feel relevant as an aging dictator, a fiddling Fidel surrounded by cringing lackeys, ready to do his every bidding.


 Schaitberger has pillaged the IAFF for many years, operating without ethical boundaries, swilling his way through the wine cellar, while depriving IAFF members of their rights all the while.

But IAFF members never gave two shits about all that.

Now, they’re suddenly up in arms to keep a union-hating, morally bankrupt fool in the White House.

It is a convention of clowns where all are deserving of one another and their nutty ideas.

The irony, especially where the Trumpies are concerned, is that anyone who knows Schaitberger at all also knows that Schaitberger and Trump have much in common, right down to their compulsive lying and the shitty way they treat the people around them; they are two peas in a pod.

Schaitberger, the guy they are pissed at, is the virtual body double to the thin-skinned, narcissistic nut-job at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Which ultimately makes the whole thing very ironic and amusing.

But in the end, the IAFF Trumpies have little actual complaint with Schaitberger:  his is a conservative, white and male union where the only thing progressive is his pay and benefits.

In fact, Harold Schaitberger has so damaged the integrity of the IAFF that there is little more that Trump can do; between the two of them our union is in a shambles.

Shady Schait presents a devilish choice: support his narcissistic ego boost or his evil twin in the White House.

Whatever is decided, IAFF members must be clear-eyed and realize that once again Harold Schaitberger improperly used the power of his position for his own personal gain.

Who’s the sucker?

Why, we are, of course.



Eric Lamar has been an IAFF member since 1976.










  • Peter Gorman says:

    Thanks Eric. On point as usual, except the use of the word spying. It’s such a strong word. Maybe “authorized surveillance” would have been more appropriate.

    • Eric Lamar says:


      Your problem is that you are always too nice; a malady I do not suffer from.

      Are there words too strong regarding Harold Schaitberger, a man who demands a 5% cut from charity donations meant for children suffering and dying from neuro-muscular diseases?

      Imagine the Marine Corps taking their cut off the top from Toys for Tots.

      He skims his nickel on a dollar and uses it to buy $100 bottles of wine paid for with IAFF credit cards.

      His nose now looks like the interstate system on a AAA road map and sick kids are much the poorer.

      (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

      I get up each day, look in the mirror and say out loud, “Be more like Pete!”

      So far it hasn’t worked.



  • Jim says:

    IAFF member since 1989. I was polled via a phone and luckily I answered; I kept answering the rigged question and continually answered that I would not vote for Biden in a Primary (I am a registered Democrat) or in the general election. The questions consistently asked about Joe Biden against other pre picked Democrats and I stated I would not vote for Biden; he was chosen as the Backed individual anyway. ( I am just one vote) , but I am disappointed that the choice was already made prior to polling. So there may be others who were polled and answered they would for Biden; I do not care for man.

    Just a thought about the Trumpites and should IAFF back The President; why not as a union send out a mass mailing and let the members decide; or perhaps the Russians would hijack the mailer
    and steal that away from old Joe. I like that members are angry and I hope the President of the IAFF feels comfortable when uncle Joe Biden is blowing on his neck kissing his cheek and reaching into OUR pockets.

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