IAFF: The Schaitberger/Biden Memes

Social Media Woodshed

Since IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger enthusiastically embraced Joe Biden for the 2020 U.S. presidency, his members have been on the war path.

Some are puzzled at the endorsement timing, a few think it’s way too soon in the process, but most appear to be ardent Trump supporters out for blood.

They have taken him to the “woodshed” for a little punishment and there are few signs they are letting up any time in the near future.

Their primary method is the internet meme, designed to ridicule not just Schaitberger’s choice but also his way of doing business; Joe Biden gets caught up, too.

It was only a matter of time before Biden’s touchy-feely reputation included Schaitberger; in any other circumstance Shady Schait would bask in Joe’s warm and intimate embrace.

Here, Harold and Joe look like a couple of codgers in the nursing home dining room.

Trump has vented his fury at Schaitberger on Twitter and his IAFF fans continue to carry the flag.

Schaitberger and his board entirely misread the political environment, thinking that the IAFF membership could still be led around as if they had a ring through their nose, now the bull is rampaging and Trump has their back.

Schaitberger is now known as “President Rat”, a name which has come back to haunt him as he has said the same of others in the IAFF whom he did not like. 

Just a few years ago, he called those who exposed his misdeeds as “rats”,  now he can see how he likes the label when it’s applied to him.

IAFF Trump fans are feeling their oats as they gleefully point out that Schaitberger and the board are not only completely out of synch with the membership, the membership has the power, tools and momentum in the fight.

Schaitberger and the board will, of course, look to others to blame for the situation, but 100% of the fault lies squarely with them.

For 19 years they fostered a conservative union while they fed greedily at the hog’s trough and now the bill is due.

The only difference today is that they thought they could continue to get away with their excuse for leadership.

Not any more.

Finally, Shady Schait should be proud that he now has his own Forrest Gump meme, thought its text is incorrect.

Losing our integrity didn’t happen “just like that.”

Schaitberger has been defiling the IAFF for 19 years, stealing from sick kids, self-dealing, robbing us of our rights, and spying on us, too.

We just woke up and said enough is enough.

It’s about time.

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