IAFF: Bye, Bye Biden

Schaitberger for Trump?

The IAFF’s answer to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, Our Own Dear Leader, Harold Schaitberger, finds himself in very hot water courtesy of Trump-loving IAFF members who aren’t taking his “we’re for Joe” message laying down.

The Trumpies are busy showing Shady Schait that they know a thing or two about political organizing.

All this has Our Dear Leader a bit on edge.

Our Dear Leader

Well, more than a bit, actually.

Leader is so shaken that he has taken to calling the Trumpies, an extraordinary occurrence as he normally confines his contact with the unwashed members to photo ops and the odd motorcycle rally.


He’s worried, of course, that they may be able to negatively affect his sumptuous lifestyle so he is stroking some ruffled feathers.

One Trumpie, receiving such a call, had this to say,

“!!Update!! IAFF President Schaitberger called me today (I had emailed the following idea to him below).
“The IAFF should poll the 140k Republican IAFF Members that were not polled and endorse Trump at least for the GOP Primary and then make a decision for the general election (hopefully Trump). President Schaitberger said he would consider my suggestion and that he also has an executive board that would have to be involved in such a decision”. I credit him for calling and listening to my/our concerns.
I plan to keep campaigning for Trump and hope the IAFF will move forward with a GOP Primary endorsement of Trump at least if not the general election also.”
 Trump deserves a wee bit of credit here in an odd way; he has forced Schaitberger to actually pay attention to IAFF members rather than their elected leaders whom he has conned and coddled with twenty years of expensive dinners and fancy wine paid for by us and dying children whose pockets he gleefully picked.
It’s bizarre that it has taken Trump to make the IAFF even slightly democratic.
All of this should make Joe Biden very nervous but hopefully doesn’t come as too much of a shock; this won’t be the first time that a politician has seen Shady Schait’s support fade and disappear.

Ole Joe

If Schaitberger senses that his cushy deal is in danger, support for Biden will evaporate faster than the Greenland Ice Cap.
 And Biden will have only himself to blame; Harold Schaitberger is the Benedict Arnold of labor politics.

Benedict Arnold



  • Cathleen Cody says:

    I wish I could say you were wrong…

  • Linda says:

    Dave, it’s nice that Harold called you, but if his lips are moving he’s lying. Take it from someone who shared his bed.

  • JD says:

    Any Union member supporting Trump should be tossed out on their asses. The IAFF leadership tucked tail and played it safe last election by not supporting any candidate.

    While I’m not sold on Biden just yet – anyone would be better than Trump.

  • john Chroniger says:

    While I support the individual unions and was a member for my 30 years of service, I discontinued membership after retiring due only to the wholesale endorsements of Democratic candidates. The leadership would be wise to not continuing their blind allegiance to this one party.

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