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Firing Line: Three More Years of This?

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Twelve more Americans were killed yesterday in Afghanistan in a suicide bombing as they were being transported in an armored vehicle. Yesterday’s killings included five US combat troops. The bombing occurred not in some far off province or in a supposed Taliban stronghold, but rather in downtown Kabul on Darulaman Road, also the site of a […]

NYPD Tribe

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A raft of NYPD officers, including several union officials, have been arrested and charged with offenses related to the fixing of parking and traffic tickets, mostly in the Bronx and mostly for their friends, relatives and “important” people.  The fixing apparently did not include payoffs to officers but the City estimates that between $1-2M in […]

Mitt Clarifies: Castrate Unions

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Presidential hopeful and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney apparently stumbled this week when he led some to believe that, as a front-running Republican contender, he was anything less than exuberantly for the destruction of public sector unions. The AP reports that Romney, campaigning in Ohio, “distanced” himself from Governor Kasich’s “efforts to restrict collective bargaining.” […]

$500 for a Hit: Hard Times, Indeed

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I thought the recession was over, but apparently not. You know things are still bad when $100 down gets you a potential double murder in one of America’s richest counties. TWP reports this morning that Ann J. Cinnamon, of Loudoun County, VA, seriously irked at her boy friend’s (other) girlfriend, hired a “bargain basement” assassin to […]

Go Along, Get Along

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The New York Times reports this morning that the feds are finally charging some folks as the result of an amazing series of stories they completed back in 08 about fraud at the Long Island Railroad to the tune of $1 Billion, with a B. They reported that “every career employee of the railroad was […]

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