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Taking the Hard (or Soft) Pass

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  Does It Happen More Often Than You Think? On the weekend, the Washington Post had yet another story regarding the recent death of Medric Mills after DCFD’s 15 Truck took a “pass” on turning out to help him. 15 Truck took the “hard pass” meaning they were in quarters and those in need came […]

DCFD: Quander’s Squander

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  The Mills’ Death as Anti-Union Agitprop Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you have no doubt heard of the January 25th incident in Washington, DC, where an in-quarters truck company crew ignored multiple and repeated cries for help from the public after 77-year-old Cedric Mills collapsed right across from the fire station. At […]

Flu shot?

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  Count Me In. 95 years ago today, September 28th, 1918,  a World War I Liberty Bond parade in Philadelphia unleashed the tidal wave of a flu epidemic which would eventually kill 50 to 100 million people worldwide, including 675,000 in the US. Liberty bonds were sold by the US government and the proceeds were then […]

EMS Delivery and Leadership: Officer Down!

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  On Waiting  The DC press was all over a recent incident where a Metropolitan police motor officer was struck and injured by an auto while stopped in far southeast DC, close to the border with Prince George’s (PG) County, Maryland.  No DC ambulances were available and the officer was eventually transported by a PG […]

Let’s Live…FOREVER!

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  “Harrowing” and “Horrifying” The Associated Press reported yesterday that an 87-year-old Bakersfield, CA, woman collapsed at the dining hall of her assisted living facility and that staff refused to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).  She died. Now, all hell is breaking loose. Never-mind that the “residents of the facility are informed of the policy (no […]

Responder Safety: When Attention is “Tunnelled”

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Does what we expect to happen influence our awareness?

London Fire Brigade: Boris Knows Best

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  Mayor Overrules Brigade Leaders London’s Mayor Boris Johnson is pressing ahead with cuts to the London Fire Brigade (LFB) which would result in a decrease of 520 firefighters.  A dozen stations and some 18 engines would be closed or placed out-of-service. The LFB is one of the world’s largest fire services, deploying about 5,800 […]

EMS Fees Redux: Quacks Like a Duck

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Money does have a tendency to smooth the way.

Your House Fire Comes to $41,655. Cash or Credit?

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Oh, your taxes?  That was just in case you needed us. Montgomery County, Maryland, is one of the richest and most educated counties in the United States.  Their 2013 approved fire/rescue budget is $196.6 million, an increase of $16.6 million over FY 2012.  Just what does $197 million dollars get you?  Apparently not a ride […]

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