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Seaside Park: Who Saved the Boardwalk?

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Answer: Nobody

EMS Delivery and Leadership: Officer Down!

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  On Waiting  The DC press was all over a recent incident where a Metropolitan police motor officer was struck and injured by an auto while stopped in far southeast DC, close to the border with Prince George’s (PG) County, Maryland.  No DC ambulances were available and the officer was eventually transported by a PG […]

FF Pensions: Over the Cliff in Illinois

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  The Big Squeeze  The current unfunded pension liability of five of Illinois’s state run pension systems is $96 billion.  The amount is so large that Standard and Poor, the credit rating agency, downgraded the state to A minus, making it more difficult for the them to borrow money in the form of bonds. Governor […]

London Fire Brigade: Boris Knows Best

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  Mayor Overrules Brigade Leaders London’s Mayor Boris Johnson is pressing ahead with cuts to the London Fire Brigade (LFB) which would result in a decrease of 520 firefighters.  A dozen stations and some 18 engines would be closed or placed out-of-service. The LFB is one of the world’s largest fire services, deploying about 5,800 […]

When Monopolies Fail

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Postal Service Fails to Gain Federal Contracts   Let’s face it–monopolies are not supposed to fail.  By their very nature they have captured a market to the extent that they control the vast majority of business and are often, by hook or by crook, able to set prices and the terms and conditions of business. […]

Fire Politics- US Senate: (Con) Fusion Centers a (Bad) Joke

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  DHS/FEMA Implicated in Tomfoolery You know, those centers–sleek, state-of-the-art facilities bristling with technology where trained professionals quickly and deftly analyze incoming local and state intelligence data to find crucial information on developing terror schemes.  Then, key reports are quickly written and disseminated across the intelligence community, the FBI moves, arrests are made. Not. A […]

EMS Fees Redux: Quacks Like a Duck

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Money does have a tendency to smooth the way.

Your House Fire Comes to $41,655. Cash or Credit?

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Oh, your taxes?  That was just in case you needed us. Montgomery County, Maryland, is one of the richest and most educated counties in the United States.  Their 2013 approved fire/rescue budget is $196.6 million, an increase of $16.6 million over FY 2012.  Just what does $197 million dollars get you?  Apparently not a ride […]

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