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New Leaders: JFK’s Nightmare

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When Doing Nothing Is Doing Something Being chosen as a leader is an experience both heady and gratifying. You are being recognized for what you know and what you will do. But, one of the most difficult aspects of new leadership may be the propensity to act, even when wisdom and experience counsels otherwise. After […]

Labor: Leave Ray Rice Alone

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An Extra-Judicial “Lynching” Ray Rice, former Baltimore Ravens running back is being destroyed by law enforcement, the NFL, Ravens management and reckless media for an unsavory act that has been handled by the justice system. Rice has not been convicted of a crime, if fact, he hasn’t even been prosecuted. Still, he lost his job. […]

Ethics: The MOBO No-No

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The First (In Line) Family The story of the year here has been the trial of Virginia’s former governor Robert McDonnell and his zany wife Maureen on public corruption charges; they were both found guilty last week. McDonnell and family of Fairfax County are of relatively modest circumstances perhaps making the “high life” they found […]

Safety: Lopez Killer Sentenced

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Arthur Lopez, Police Officer and Firefighter Lopez made a routine traffic stop in Nassau County, New York, in 2012. He walked up to the car and the driver, Darrell Fuller, a criminal with a long and violent history, shot him point blank in the chest. This past week Fuller was sentenced to life without parole. […]

IAFF Politics: Shit-Canned?

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Another One Bites the Dust Word on the street this week is that local 2068 president John Neimeic, a Harold Schaitberger protege, has been unceremoniously kicked to the fourth district curb. Some background is called for. The IAFF’s 4th district includes Virginia, Maryland, DC, West Virginia and Delaware. (All of the professional firefighters in Delaware […]

Firehouse Culture: “Say You Want To Be My Bitch”

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$2.5 Million Lawsuit The facts are basically these: Guy’s on the job for 10 years, first day on a temporary assignment,  in the locker room looking for a locker. He asserts that a co-worker said, “Hey, Sugar” and then two co-workers “grabbed him from behind, simulating sexual intercourse while one fondled him.” He choked one of […]

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