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The Mittendorff Tragedy: Leadership and Workplace Sexualization

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“Leadership” I’m skeptical that the mantle of leader somehow confers special wisdom or ethical commitment. The implication that formal leaders can be entrusted to safeguard or inculcate ethics and morality is not born out by the facts generally nor in Fairfax, specifically. One doesn’t become a leader and discover the importance of ethics; by then […]

DCFEMS Does it Again

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Cardiac Arrest News sources are reporting that once again the District of Columbia Fire and EMS Department (DCFEMS) failed to provide services after being notified of an emergency. This time, units were dispatched for a heart attack and the first arriving fire company mistook police activity on the block of the actual address for their […]

Survive the Holidays, Literally

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Don’t be a Mess Many fires can be attributed to some aspect of poor housekeeping.  Clutter both hides (and promotes) fire hazards. Any device requiring energy or generating heat must have a clear area around it for cooling and ventilation. (portable heaters, furnaces, water heaters, appliances, electronics) Use extension cords VERY sparingly; make sure they […]

Zadroga: Where’s the IAFF?

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Missing in Action? A reader posted a comment purportedly from the “The New York City Firefighter Brotherhood Foundation” (NYCFFBF) evaluating the IAFF’s performance on lobbying for the reauthorization of Zadroga coverage. The bill, among other things, “extends the World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program Fund indefinitely.” The NYCFFBF says: “We can’t honestly say where they (IAFF) have […]

Terror: Is Washington, DC Safe?

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Depends. ISIS says they will attack the nation’s capitol but intelligence agencies say, “all quiet” or thereabouts. Meanwhile, a recent New York Times op-ed tells us that we are no Europe with their porous borders; all is safe, sort of. They also remind us that so-called “lone wolf” self-radicalized jihadists are a persistent concern here because assault […]

Anniversary of Terror: November 22, 1963

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Death of a President Fifty-two years ago today, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th president of the Unites States, died instantly when he was shot in the head while riding in an open limousine through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. It was an act of terror committed by a deeply troubled and dis-affected young man, Lee Harvey […]

The “Pat-Down”

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ISIS Targets France Last Friday, ISIS-inspired terrorists murdered 129 people and injured hundreds more in a series of attacks using automatic weapons and explosives. Targeted were a music venue, a sports stadium and several restaurants. France has apparently taken an aggressive role in combating ISIS in Syria and elsewhere and may be paying the price […]

Death of the Fire Service?

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This past week Fred S. McChesney, law and economics professor, wrote in the Washington Post that decreasing fires made most paid municipal fire departments unnecessary and that volunteers were the answer. McChesney said, “There are half as many fires as there were 30 years ago, but about 50 percent more people are paid to fight them.” If […]

London Fire Brigade (LFB): This and That

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Greater London is about 600 square miles with an estimated 2015 population of 8,630,000. As perspective, New York City has essentially the same population in roughly half the area. The Brigade is staffed up with about 5,100 operational firefighters assigned to 103 stations. They are not dispatched on emergency medical calls but could provide some […]

Health: Flying Too Close to the Flame?

Who We Are, Really Peter Wollheim, a Boise, Idaho based licensed professional mental health counselor and nationally known suicide prevention advocate committed suicide last month. His sister, quoted in People magazine said, “Peter had been very depressed for years, but didn’t seek therapy, even though he knew firsthand what people go through and how important it […]

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