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To OM or Not to OM

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Drums in the Distance I live a stone’s throw from the “Hinkley Hilton” in Washington, DC, where the Jodie Foster obsessed assassin nearly murdered Ronald Reagan in 1981. This morning I awoke to the sound of beating drums and chanting; nearly as loud as when the Lubavitcher Jews are celebrating in the street on the […]

Emmett, Ireland and Easter

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Make Way for the Elephant Robert Emmett, Irish patriot, was hanged, drawn and quartered in Dublin, Ireland, convicted of leading a failed rebellion for Irish freedom in 1803. He was 25 years old. Emmett was a protestant from a wealthy family, hardly the type to commit “high treason.” But he identified strongly with Catholics in […]

Top Ten Ways To Save The Cathedral

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Washington National Cathedral To Charge Admission It’s official: beginning in 2014 Washington, DC’s iconic National Cathedral will begin charging a $10 admission fee. To wit, the top ten ways to cover their budget gap. 10. Baptismal Font Admission Lottery- The Font will be refit as a lotto-style ping pong blower with balls marked $5 to $25. Pay […]

On the Frontline: The White House

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Almost Hidden DC: Winston’s Rude Awakening

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  Nelson Moves In Washington, DC’s MassachusettssAvenue is called “Embassy Row” for a reason: lining the street for several miles are a string of mostly stately buildings which now serve as the Washington home to foreign governments. These buildings are on their second lives, at least, having originally been built as stately mansions of the […]

Guiding: Your Money For Your Christ

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I chose death. Let’s be honest, that’s where the drama is.

The Apparition

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Here we are, on the cusp of Memorial Day, when we honor and remember those who died serving our country.

History and Race: March 18, 1942

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  The War Relocation Act Seventy-one years ago today Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed an executive order requiring 120,000 mostly Japanese-Americans to report for forced relocation. In the wake of the December 1941 Pearl Harbor attack, politicians, leaders and many others concluded that all Americans exhibiting the features of Japanese ancestry were potential spies, soldiers or […]

March 4, 1908: Catastrophe in Collinwood

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No doubt they would marvel at both our schools and our unwillingness to keep our children safe in them.

Of Villainy and Religion

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  To Apologize for Kindness You may recall that after the Newtown massacre where 20 children and six adults were murdered, an inter-faith memorial service was held. Reverend Rob Morris, a Newtown Lutheran Minister, one of whose young parishioners was among the dead, gave the benediction at the service. Reverend Morris was subsequently forced to […]

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FE Talk: Humpday Hangout

IAFF Ethics: Harold, Ed and the Silent Picket Line
Eric, Please acknowledge the nature of your relationship with Andy Pantelis of Local 1619?
2015-02-27 03:27:07
Eric Lamar
IAFF Ethics: Harold, Ed and the Silent Picket Line
Internet muscles. L-O-L. At least when I flex mine I am not anonymous like so many of you are. I feel for you guys having to drag in all the other superfluous junk about me, other jurisdictions, etc. You just can't get the fact that this is about the president of an international union recruiting…
2015-02-27 02:43:35
IAFF Ethics: Harold, Ed and the Silent Picket Line
Eric, Internet muscles are fantastic aren't they! Stop beating around the bush and tell us all why you and Harold are not so friendly anymore? Obviously your pain runs much deeper than you are willing to admit. The slant on that article is very interesting as I'm sure that could have been written about any…
2015-02-26 16:18:49
IAFF Ethics: Harold, Ed and the Silent Picket Line
Obviously this was written by Andrew Pantelis the former "Volunteer for Life tattoo guy" who is running for the 4th District VP. Why did you not give him credit?
2015-02-26 15:26:45
Chris Sullivan
IAFF Ethics: Harold, Ed and the Silent Picket Line
BTW...what is a real Union Firefighter ???? guess would be one that does his job as a career firefighter, works with local jurisdictions, whether all volunteer, paid/combination, paid on call etc., to effect one common goal..To provide the best service to the citizens and visitors of those respective communities. There's good reason why a Union,…
2015-02-26 14:51:48
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