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The Enema Within

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  Giving “High Colonic” a Whole New Meaning The University of Tennessee student, Alexander P. Broughton of Pi Kappa Alpha, who was transported to an emergency room with a blood-alcohol level of nearly .45, has hired an attorney to refute the accusation, leveled by police and the university, that he achieved the feat through the use […]

Package Check: Blame it on the Ladies

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  The Incredible Shrinking Weenie Any list of the least credible information sources would undoubtedly include Italian researchers and, of course, our own Rush.  In fact, that may be the only match-up where Italians come out first. It seems that the Italians have been researching the size of the male sexual organ, hard work if […]

Was It Good For You?

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Naomi Gets Her Groove Back ‘I realised one day, as I gazed out on the treetops outside the bedroom of our little cottage, that the usual post-coital rush of a sense of vitality infusing the world, of delight with myself and with all around me, and of creative energy rushing through everything alive, was no […]

Rape: The “Survey”

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Some Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity members at the University of Vermont are alleged to have disseminated a “survey” last week which apparently included questions such as, “who they would like to rape.” USA Today reports that Wes Lewis, a former Fraternity member, said, “it was not a survey, but it was a series of questions between […]

Sex in the City: Brits Teach Us a Thing or Two

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I don’t know about you, but when I am pondering life long ago, or sort of long ago, I am always thinking that it was boring back then but people were better, more honest, more moral.  Surely all the crazy tacky behavior we read and hear about today is an invention of modern culture.  Well, […]

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