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Not a “Trusted Traveler”: Yongda Huang Harris

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  Boston Resident, Returning From Japan, Detained Suit case contents: “Knives, body bags, a hatchet, a collapsible baton, a biohazard suit, a full-face respirator, billy clubs, handcuffs, leg irons and a device to repel dogs” (NYT) (and a smoke grenade.) Yongda, a US citizen, was also wearing a bullet-proof vest and flame resistant pants. In […]

Road Trip: Marlene, Albert and Me

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This past week I visited friends in the Pacific Beach area of San Diego, a place with virtually perfect weather and stunning outdoor scenery. After a few days there, perhaps to remind myself of what I was missing in DC, I made a trip east over the mountains to hike in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.  […]

A Titanic Moment

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This coming Sunday, April 15th, marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of RMS Titanic, an event which captures the collective imagination as few others do. The facts are simple enough: big ship hits ice, 1,500 die, but they fail to explain our endless fascination with the event.  The sinking of the Titanic may rival […]

A Word is Born

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Dude, you are so Schettinoed. Ask any “hoodyed-up” , skateboarding twenty-something all the way up to a 95-year-old triathlete who is the last person off a ship and they will universally exclaim, “Why, the captain, of course!” Apparently not so, in what now passes for the Italian Navy.  Last week as the Costa Concordia cruise […]

Road Trip: M&Ms

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A rainy and foggy Tuesday of Thanksgiving week was the perfect reason for a road trip south to check out some very valuable real estate and to hear history in the (re) making. Many will know that Virginians dominated the early years of America and you can, over the course of a longish day, visit […]

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