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When the Goose Flew the Coop

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  Where's "Roland"?  “Roland” commented on my recent post when I was banished from the IAFF Blog Roll apparently for wandering outside the acceptable "thought boundaries."  In amongst "Roland's" meandering and bizarre commentary was this: “I’ve seen the current leadership support you on issues (dear to your heart) that many of our less progressive members find controversial.” That […]

Leadership: Team Christie

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  What Would the "Boss" do? Most by now have heard of the "shit-storm" enveloping New Jersey's governor and 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie. Here's a quick synopsis relevant to the topic at hand: Christie wants to present himself as the Republican "Everyman" beloved by Dems, too.  In his bid for re-election, endorsements from democrats would prove […]

Good God A’Mighty

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  When A Cattle Prod Is Sounding Good   The Reverend As Hillary didn’t say, “It takes cojones.” Randy and Teresa Stone, of Independence, Missouri,  were “childhood sweethearts” and married for 20 years with two children when the Marine was found murdered by his wife who then called police. In a touching, small town scene, the […]

Bully 4 FDNY

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  Three Bodies Found a Week After Bronx Fire That was the New York News headline last week when construction workers called into demolish a fire damaged structure in University Heights discovered three corpses.  FDNY had attended a fire there days earlier.  The building is being described as “vacant” and “occupied by squatters.” FDNY apparently […]

Words: Your Horse is Gay

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  Warning: May Offend Gays, Police Officers, Horses or Those Who Love or Hate Them Brit Sam Brown, a student at Oxford, was arrested a few years ago during a night out, when he ask a mounted police officer “Excuse me, do you realize your horse is gay?” He was charged under Section Five of Britain’s […]

Firehouses: History Versus Safety

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There was an article in the New York Times recently reporting that the US Coast Guard has increased the average body weight calculation for passengers where commercial boating is concerned.  The old weight was 160 and the new one is 185.  Surprise:  people are getting bigger, fast. It seems that fire trucks  and ambulances are […]

Cops: L.I. ATF Agent Killed; Brits with Records

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Friendly Fire? ATF Agent John Capano was shot and killed in Seaford, Long island, on New Year’s Eve when he intervened in a robbery at a pharmacy. Agent Capano was in the pharmacy picking up a prescription when the assailant, who has a record of prior robberies, demanded money and medication. He followed the robber, […]

HO, HO, HO: The Crucified, Death’s Head Santa

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  Christmas will never be the same again. Loudoun County, Virginia, residents, some of them anyway, are up in arms over the appearance of a “Claustumed” skeleton with his arm casually draped over a wooden cross on the grounds of their County Courthouse. There’s been “hell to pay” with charges that it is an attack […]

Obama: Cheeky-In-Chief

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I admit it. I’m one of those guys who talks about how smart and deft the President is. But you have to wonder. Was it a moment of fatigue, weakness or just plain idiocy that caused him to ask for his drone back? I mean, really. Who went into the Oval Office with that bright […]

Welcome to Turn Out.

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First, a hearty thanks to Bill Schumm, a.k.a. Firegeezer, and Mike Ward, Fossil Medic, for their support and nearly infinite patience over the past year as I learned the “blogging ropes.” Turn Out: It’s a phrase we are familiar with.  It conjures up images of a dash for the rigs or a turning on to […]

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