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Anti-Racism, Deconstructed

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Story of the Grateful Negro Who doesn’t like the age old narrative where good triumphs over evil? It reminds us of how the world should be and eases the daily injustices we all have to face. In that vein there’s a You Tube Video making the global rounds called “Stop Racism”: On first glance […]

Ethics: Just the Way You Are

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With Apologies to Billy Joel Keith Kemery of the IAFF’s first district wrote regarding yesterday’s “Squeaker” post: “…While my Local’s votes were not in favor of the pay increase, we fully support Mr. William Romaka as our 1st District Vice President and thank him for his work on behalf of our Local and all members […]

IAFF Ethics: Squeaker

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A Leadership Referendum The recent and rather predictable IAFF convention was considerably enlivened by General President Schaitberger’s narrowly successful attempt to line his Board’s pockets. He presented a resolution calling for a 60% pay increase over three years for the 16 district vice presidents (VPs) that barely passed. A swing of less than 1,100 votes […]

Life Online: The Breana Effect

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The “Clutch” I have taken to noticing lately how many people, most actually, walk around clutching their “smartphone” (SP) in one hand. It has become so essential to the pulse of life that it cannot be stowed, even for a moment. People will place an infant child in a backpack or carrier but the SP […]

Ethics: More From Dave Foreman

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Long-Time IAFF Illinois Leader Dave Foreman has been a part of the IAFF for decades. He served as president of the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois for many years before becoming the Fire Marshal of the State. The comments are in reference to Darren Bates. From Foreman: I do not know anything about this case […]

IAFF Ethics: Who Knew?

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Thanks I have had some great emails today from folks I know and some I don’t know expressing support and thanks. I’m not sure I have adequately said thanks to each of them for their support, past, present and in the future. I’ll try again, here.   Thank  you all for writing, it certainly means […]

IAFF Ethics: Did You Say “Whore”?

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Presumed Guilty If I heard correctly, the word “whore” was uttered on the convention floor yesterday in relation to the Darren Bates incident. I would agree that there was a whore involved but they were in Washington, D.C. and that’s where the real scandal was, as well. Our Sacred Rights Most of us who have […]

Resolution 10: A Fiery Defeat

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The Journey Continues  I accept the defeat of the ethics resolution as a simple fact. Yet,  Schaitberger’s $1,000,000 conflict of interest around undisclosed deals is also a fact.  And so is his betrayal of union brother Darren Bates. So is the rampant abuse of the $80 a day stipend by DVPs. As is the horrible […]

Resolution 10: Blame It On 41

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George H. W. Bush Resolution 10, rejected unanimously by the IAFF Convention Constitution and By-Laws Committee without discussion as being without merit was created by President Bush, senior. He issued it as Presidential Executive Order 12,731. The IAFF Ethics resolution is effectively Presidential Executive Order 12, 713 word for word with one addition regarding […]

Our Soul For Sale: Labor Education

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From Brian Gaughan, Past President IAFF Local 4186, Retired Member   As I read the article, I couldn’t help but think back about my many attempts to find out more about Harold’s position on the closing of labors own school of higher education, The National Labor College. From what students and alumni (of which I am […]

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