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IAFF Corruption: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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Bull’s Eye  Narcissistic Personality Disorder In order for a person to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) they must meet five or more of the following  symptoms: Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements) Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, […]

IAFF-MDA: To Fund a Narcissist

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Reaping What We Sow IAFF-MDA began in Boston with Local 718 in 1952 when they instituted a community-wide fundraising effort. It started with a selfless appeal to help a single family and evolved into a North American effort involving tens of thousands of IAFF members. That original selfless act has turned into a for-profit entity […]

IAFF-MDA: The Shakedown, Believe it or Not

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$1,385,000 I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a few folks actually can’t bring themselves to believe that the IAFF Executive Board shakes down MDA for just about $1.4 million dollars each year. One commenter suggested it must be for banners, bags and buttons. Indeed. $1.4M is a lot of money. I bet IAFF leaders […]

IAFF Corruption: Shaking Down Jerry’s Kids

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More Revenue Than The IAFF Financial Corporation This Labor Day Weekend when thousands of IAFF members hit the streets for MDA, little will they know that a nickel of every dollar they collect will be skimmed off and siphoned back to the coffers of the IAFF to help support the champagne lifestyle of our leadership. […]

IAFF Corruption: That Ole’ Grey Goose

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Let’s Hope It Was At Least The Grand-Daddy Size Mr. Schaitberger’s distinct preference for Grey Goose Vodka is legendary. Less well known is how much of your money he would pay to have a bottle of it delivered to his hotel suite. The vast majority of folks staying in a hotel who want a drink […]

IAFF Corruption: $795.30

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Living the High-Life, On Us I’ve never spent $795 in a restaurant in my life. Even when I treat friends and family I can’t remember it costing more than $400. I guess it’s the restaurants we go to and what we choose to eat (and drink.) I don’t think I’m any different than other firefighters […]

IAFF Corruption: “Catch the Rat”

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Gangsta’ GP East to West and North to South, Harold Schaitberger, longtime General President (GP) of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), a nearly 100-year-old trade union, is travelling about (first-class, no doubt) telling all who will listen, and some who would rather not, that he is out to “catch the rat.” Is that […]

IAFF Ethics: Edzo, The Movie

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And, ACTION Scene one takes us through the meteoric and apparently pre-ordained ascension of “Edzo” from embryo to the Jupiter of Jakes. He is fairly begotten, not made; a super-hero descended into our midst. In the telling he smotes both fire and city hall even giving birth to Martin Walsh, current mayor of Boston. Scene […]

IAFF Corruption: Our Most (un) Union-Like Leaders

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Is There a Spine in the House? The IAFF Executive Board has hired a company to spy on email and other communications of our union’s staff and (presumably) elected officials to find the “rat” as Harold Schaitberger terms it. That’s right–the spineless board will allow Harold  Schaitberger to search their own email and communications in […]

Health: Flying Too Close to the Flame?

Who We Are, Really Peter Wollheim, a Boise, Idaho based licensed professional mental health counselor and nationally known suicide prevention advocate committed suicide last month. His sister, quoted in People magazine said, “Peter had been very depressed for years, but didn’t seek therapy, even though he knew firsthand what people go through and how important it […]

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FE Talk: Humpday Hangout

Cornell Gionet
Iran and “The Deal”
But under this deal, Iran must reduce its centrifuges to 6,104 for the next ten years. No enrichment will be allowed at the Fordow facility at all, and the only centrifuges Iran will be allowed to use are their oldest and least efficient models.
2015-09-01 20:03:31
David R. Anders
IAFF-MDA: To Fund a Narcissist
It is late so good night Eric.
2015-09-01 02:56:00
David R. Anders
IAFF-MDA: To Fund a Narcissist
The issue is not for me to be required to prove you are wrong but for you to prove that what you say is true. So far you have not. You are the one making the statements....not me! If you cannot prove what you say, I can only assume that your accusations are not true.…
2015-09-01 02:53:55
Eric Lamar
IAFF-MDA: To Fund a Narcissist
I love how you and your's accuse me of a lack of factual information and then say things like this: "in some ways I almost feel sorry for you but you are bringing this on yourself. A person so stricken with hate and resentment as you are lives a sorry existence. As I mentioned before,…
2015-09-01 01:22:41
David R. Anders
IAFF-MDA: To Fund a Narcissist
Eric, I just got back to my computer. I must admit I baited you some for an answer because I was not completely sure what you called being on the GP tit. Now I know. I did get some assignments for three years or so while I was President of the PFFPNC but I stepped…
2015-09-01 00:24:35
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