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Legacy of the Big Black Buck

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 Race, Sex and Social Media The most powerful southern racist narrative involves swarthy and virile black men, slaves originally, having their way with lily white belles while the master is out. The chaste and pure mistress succumbs to the animal passions of her ebony attacker and it is left to white men to redeem her […]

A Tar Baby and a Rented Mule

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All the World’s a Slur Former Governor and GOP stalwart Haley Barbour was (partially) hung out to dry last week over employing the term “tar babies” in describing some of President Obama’s policy positions. Similarly, Ray Allen, a Virginia GOP consultant was called out when he said that Virginia House Speaker Bill Howell would beat […]

Pope Francis as Company Officer

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Anybody hanging around a firehouse for a bit has come across the unhappy crew intent on driving their leader crazy. Perhaps it is the unfortunate officer’s first posting or possibly a mutiny in the making by the salty dogs. At any rate, the symptoms and behavior are easily spotted: the crew’s surly demeanor coupled with […]

Sex, Religion and Power

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You’re On Mikvah Camera The religious world, or at least a segment of it, was shaken recently by the news of Washington Rabbi Barry Freundel’s arrest on charges of voyeurism. The Rabbi is alleged to have videotaped female congregants and others as they disrobed and used a ritual bath known as a “mikvah.” Freundel, in addition […]

Our American Terrorists

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Eric Frien, cold warrior Eastern bloc stand-in and accused cop killer was finally apprehended after weeks on the run in northeastern Pennsylvania. It seems agreed that he disliked the federal government with some passion and that he also developed a deadly grudge against police. Those traits combined with the fact that he was living at […]

England’s Fire Brigade on Strike This Weekend

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Pensions the Focus Thousands of firefighters are strike on through Monday night in the latest escalation over the Conservative government’s program to “reform” pension benefits for firefighters across the nation. The crisis has continued for well over a year including shorter strike actions as the Fire Brigade Union (FBU) has fought to counter assertions that […]


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Boots If you joined the US military in 2001 you could be 1/2 way through a service career and have been on combat related duty the entire time, an extraordinary fact. 13 years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq have exacted a heavy toll. Our volunteer army has been run ragged. How we acknowledge that […]

Leadership: Trust As Instinct

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“Who Can We Trust Now?” 234 years ago this week, George Washington sat down to one of his most perplexing meals at the Robinson house near the strategically critical fort of West Point, New York. The house was the war appropriated home of General Benedict Arnold, the newly appointed commander of the fort on the […]

Providence: A HoMo Horror

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The Ideology of Queerness? In 2001, Providence, R.I., firefighters drove a rig in a Gay Pride parade. Thirteen years later, that drive is the subject of a R.I. State Supreme Court case. Firefighters allege that their rights of free speech and religion were violated by then Mayor Vincent A. Cianci Jr.’s edict to participate. The Providence Journal […]

Cops: Sock Drawer

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The Most Proportional Police In America Ferguson, Missouri continues as a slowly boiling cauldron after the shooting of Michael Brown there on August 9th. Like it or not, it is a contemporary touchstone for the notion that police departments across the U.S. constantly employ excessive force. If perception is reality, there’s a problem and not […]

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belle Legacy of the Big Black Buck November 20, 2014
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Don Jewett
Legacy of the Big Black Buck
She's since stated that both of her daughters attended prom with black students, public perception can many times label people something they're not.
2014-11-20 20:05:42
Cortez Lawrence
A Tar Baby and a Rented Mule
Eric: Sometimes you just go places I never expected. good for you! I was raised as the son of a soldier and farmer's daughter in south Georgia on Uncle Remus Tales of B'er Rabbit, Bear and Fox; and never thought there was any racism involved, though my Mom read the stories with the language that…
2014-11-19 17:16:12
Eric Lamar
A Tar Baby and a Rented Mule
Thanks, Vic.
2014-11-19 13:44:53
Victoria Huckenpahler
A Tar Baby and a Rented Mule
I agree completely. Because of these feel sorry for self groups we are bit by little losing freedom of speech. Scary!
2014-11-19 02:57:13
Mick Mayers
Pope Francis as Company Officer
Eric- Love the thought provoking articles you write. Besides the "lack of direction" some indicate, Pope Francis is doing something that all organizations need from time to time. Bringing in a different perspective. Mick
2014-11-18 13:00:02
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