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Our American Sharia

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Executed for Committing Suicide It was reported last week that an ISIS sheikh had his head lopped off for smoking a cig. That’s not precisely accurate as smoking is apparently legal under the dictates of Sharia. The exact reason is that the Sharia masters had apparently decided that smoking cigs was tantamount to committing a […]

Lincoln (and Liberty), Captive

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Abraham Lincoln died 150 years ago this morning here in Washington, D.C., as he lay propped sideways on a too small bed, unconscious and insensible. His costly triumph was the saving of the Union. In modern consciousness he not only freed the slaves but is a civil rights super hero, too. Busy man. Lincoln famously suspended the […]

Remembering Glenn

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I want us to recall his way with humor. In this blur of grief we can forget that Glenn was very funny– mostly in person when his subtle and quick facial expressions were fully “deployed” in the best firefighting sense. He was a master of the sidelong glance, often paired with a quick rolling of the […]

NRA/GOP: Over the Cliff

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Why Unions Matter Billionaires like the Koch brothers and others despise unions simply because they are an organized voice seeking to protect the economic interests of regular working Americans. Workers band together so that they can have a say in elections and in government where economic policy affecting our well-being is made and enforced. Republican […]

Safety and Firefighting: Of Romance and Religion

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Kentland’s Messianic Zeal The news is awash this morning with photos of Prince George’s County, Maryland’s Kentland Volunteer fire rig, itself afire, during a working incident. Kentland (FS 33) is an all volunteer fire department in an urban county with a population of 900,000, an oddity in itself. On their website they trumpet: “100% volunteer […]

Bob Does Booty Duty

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Always Ready to Serve Democrat Robert Menendez, US Senator from New Jersey, was indicted this week on federal charges related to his relationship with Sal Melgen, a Florida eye doctor who apparently knows a deal when he sees one. Sal gave hundreds of thousands of dollars in political contributions, flew Bob around on a private […]

IAFF Ethical Crisis: Shrouded in Secrecy

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Bigoted and Racist Actions? A  senior IAFF official was recently charged with bigoted, offensive behavior by another top-level leader. The allegations, apparently related to hiring, are specific and the term “racist” was employed. Such reputed behavior would be serious in any setting but is especially so in an organization with a history of retarded racial […]

Politics: Cruz and His Racist Tea-Baggers

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Big Week for the Jesse Helms Fan Club Fresh on the heels of appearing at the International Association of Fire Fighter’s Legislative Conference, Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced his campaign for the presidency among a group of college students required to attend the event. I wonder if “knee-grows” were allowed? Maybe in the very back […]

Safety Gaps: Learning from Columbia

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STS-107 On February 1, 2003, space shuttle Columbia experienced a loss-of-control and catastrophic break-up at about 180,000 feet altitude during re-entry at hyper-sonic speeds. All crew members were killed as the orbiter rapidly depressurized. Years after the original investigation, a followup study closely examined crew survivability. The NASA  study touches on every aspect of safety from […]

Ethics: The Secretary Out for a Walk

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Laundry Time I headed out from my apartment on California Street in Washington, D.C., a little while ago on the way to an appointment. As I approached Connecticut Avenue on this chilly March morning I spied Jack Lew, Treasury Secretary of the United States, with a member of his security detail in tow, walking south […]

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FE Talk: Humpday Hangout

Mark Sileikis
Kathmandu, Undone
Dr. Lawrence, I work for the State Dept. now has you did many years ago. Things have not changed for most of the world. Currently in Lome, Togo
2015-04-27 16:30:02
Eric Lamar
Kathmandu, Undone
C- Thanks for sharing your memories. Nepal is an extraordinary place. Eric
2015-04-27 12:35:39
cortez lawrence
Kathmandu, Undone
Eric: Nicely said. 30 years ago (or so) I spent a few years with the State Department and traveled to Nepal on one of my many sorties. This was before the quantum leap in population and urban sprawl, and I remember a very unsophisticated infrastructure and took almost the exact same photo in front of…
2015-04-27 12:28:44
Victoria Huckenpahler
Congressional Staffers: Pay Raise Needed!
All this while it was just revealed that one of the waiters in the Senate dining room is so poorly paid that he is homeless, meanwhile trying to support 5 kids! Heard this poor man speak on NPR yesterday.
2015-04-26 02:05:06
Eric Lamar
Our American Sharia
Should all weapons be legal? Should some be more difficult to obtain in order to protect children? Calling the support of a Sandy Hook fundraiser "betrayal" is sharia sheikh trash talk. Folks that think it's not, don't care about innocent children. Shoe fit? Where it.
2015-04-24 22:16:35
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