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Obama: Cheeky-In-Chief

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I admit it. I’m one of those guys who talks about how smart and deft the President is. But you have to wonder. Was it a moment of fatigue, weakness or just plain idiocy that caused him to ask for his drone back? I mean, really. Who went into the Oval Office with that bright […]

Whip Cream With That?

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Our local rag, The Washington Post, a.k.a. TWP, reports that in trendy Georgetown, (or as trendy as Georgetown can get,) a local eatery recently sold an ice cream sundae for $1,000. The eater of said sundae? A 12-year-old celebrating his birthday with mom, dad and nine friends.  (Let’s hope they are very good friends.) What’s […]

The Moment That Mattered

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Don’t you think that first Thanksgiving was so simple? Or, maybe elemental is the better word.  Participants were expressing thanks for their  very survival.  They had made it through that first year, with some important help from the natives.  They had roofs over their heads and the bounty from a successful harvest was stored away. For […]

NYPD Tribe

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A raft of NYPD officers, including several union officials, have been arrested and charged with offenses related to the fixing of parking and traffic tickets, mostly in the Bronx and mostly for their friends, relatives and “important” people.  The fixing apparently did not include payoffs to officers but the City estimates that between $1-2M in […]

Go Along, Get Along

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The New York Times reports this morning that the feds are finally charging some folks as the result of an amazing series of stories they completed back in 08 about fraud at the Long Island Railroad to the tune of $1 Billion, with a B. They reported that “every career employee of the railroad was […]

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