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A Christmas Journey Last week, on the 22nd, I drove up to Pennsylvania to visit my family, many of whom live south of the Altoona area, the former railroad mecca. As is often the case, the weather in D.C. was sunny and mild and the farther north and west I drove, the grayer and chillier […]

EMT as White Nationalist

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A Racialist Token This week, Huff Post, the National Enquirer of the left, “outed” Alex J. McNabb, an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in rural Virginia, as an aspiring Blanco Supremo. Like that was hard to do. McNabb has a foot in every major social media camp including twitter, YouTube, Facebook, podcasts and at least one […]

Guiding: Wet But Still Wonderful

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Like many parts of the nation, we have had our share of rain (and more) the past few weeks. There was a nine-day stretch where the sun seemed on vacation from the skies. We can echo that from the standpoint of rain it’s been one of the wettest ever. Because the Potomac River bisects the […]

Nike and Kaepernick

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The Ad You Will Love or Hate Nike is betting most will love it and there’s the story. Colin Kaepernick is nothing if not polarizing. He is the center of the controversial universe. In many ways he is the last person to choose to represent a product or brand. Unless. Nike has done their homework. […]

MAGA and McCain

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Many people have a “defining moment” and John McCain’s was when he refused an early repatriation offer while confined as a prisoner during the Vietnam war. He was a prisoner of the North Vietnamese for seven years, enduring torture and deprivation. That refusal, when most would have given in, showed an uncommon commitment to a […]

Bukhara: People

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First, the weather report. At two in the afternoon it’s 113 in the shade. I rolled out at 5AM this morning to see the city at the verge of dawn and to escape the heat. No surprise, it was still and cool with only the sounds of doves cooing. People were walking or biking to […]

Road Trip: Welcome to the ‘Stans

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Central Asia Ten hours to Istanbul and another four put me in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, yesterday in the middle of a sultry night. The plan is to see some of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan and go trekking for ten days in Tajikistan before returning. These places are the crossroads of the world, famous and ancient trading routes […]

Schlossberg’s I and My

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Ted Kaczynski is probably the only person in American who hasn’t seen a video of New Yorker Aaron Schlossberg engaging workers and customers in a diatribe about the speaking of English in the U.S. He chose language as the reason to lay down his gauntlet but that’s just a pretext, a fatuous wedge issue. Listen […]

Fairfax: Boy’s Club Wake-Up Call

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Hernandez Settles and Fairfax Pays In January, the U.S. Fourth District Court of Appeals issued a withering and decisive opinion regarding Fairfax County’s appalling handling of the Magaly Hernandez complaint. Hernandez alleged a hostile work environment with sexual harassment and retaliation, the Court agreed that a jury could well conclude the same. From the Fourth […]

Fairfax: Cyber-bullying 2.0

It’s Steve’s Turn Now Earlier this week I wrote about recent developments in the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department related to the treatment of women there. In recent days the women’s program officer tendered her resignation and Steve Mittendorff, whose wife was a department member when she committed suicide in 2016, urged Richard Bowers, […]

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