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Headline of the Month

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Traffic signs in New Zealand destroyed by prostitutes performing stunts New Zealand?  Go, Kiwis. The Telegraph reports that neighbors in a South Auckland neighborhood have had it with sex workers using street signs as impromptu poles to advertise their trade. One elected official reported that some forty signs have been bent or broken, saying, “Some […]

T. A. and the Bet

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Some readers here will know that my vocation of late is as a DC tour guide.  I work for a company that assigns me to incoming groups who are here to see the sights.  I have not enjoyed working this much since I was a firefighter.  Curiously, the jobs have much in common.  I am […]

That Rolling Thunder

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Easy Rider Meets Easy Company   It’s Memorial Day here in the Nation’s Capital and the motorcycles have once again arrived to remind us of something.  Just exactly what remains unclear. Tens-of-thousands of doo-rag wearing white-haired Vietnam era Veterans and their legions of followers careen hither and yon in the costume and style of motorcycle […]


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In the locker room at the gym the night of the White House Correspondent’s Dinner from a lawyer/lobbyist type:   “I can only sit in black tie so long…”   You’re right, it’s tough out there.

“Blue Balls Mystery Close to Being Solved”

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Now, that’s my kind of headline. Best, of all, it’s straight out of the Guardian. On first reading, the question appears to be, why are those balls blue? Numerous reasons come to mind, from the chronic to the acute. But the real question is not why the blue balls, but how did they get there? […]

Rape: The “Survey”

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Some Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity members at the University of Vermont are alleged to have disseminated a “survey” last week which apparently included questions such as, “who they would like to rape.” USA Today reports that Wes Lewis, a former Fraternity member, said, “it was not a survey, but it was a series of questions between […]

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