Terror Strikes the Hilton

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Appeared From Nowhere I live five minutes from the Washington Hilton, site of the attempted assassination on Ronald Reagan in 1981. The hotel has a heated Olympic-size pool open six months of the year and I have a membership as swimming has replaced running as my primary means of fitness. Last night I wandered over […]

Death of the Fire Service?

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This past week Fred S. McChesney, law and economics professor, wrote in the Washington Post that decreasing fires made most paid municipal fire departments unnecessary and that volunteers were the answer. McChesney said, “There are half as many fires as there were 30 years ago, but about 50 percent more people are paid to fight them.” If […]

IAFF and Labor Day: Is Our Future More Corruption?

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Saving the IAFF 2018 is just around the corner and sooner than we think the IAFF will be 100 years old. Now is the time to contemplate where we are and where we want to go when we begin our second hundred years. And, Labor Day, when we celebrate the accomplishments of our united efforts, […]

Schaitberger MDA Shakedown: “Unprecedented”

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A Double-Take I have been astonished at some of the statements in support of the IAFF  bilking the Muscular Dystrophy Association out of millions of dollars meant for the care and treatment of sick children. So much so that I arranged to meet with a former philanthropy professional who has served on a number of […]

The General in a Different Light

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I toured with a group from Wisconsin yesterday and saw GW illumined by stained glass at the Cathedral.

IAFF Corruption: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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Bull’s Eye  Narcissistic Personality Disorder In order for a person to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) they must meet five or more of the following  symptoms: Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements) Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, […]

IAFF-MDA: To Fund a Narcissist

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Reaping What We Sow IAFF-MDA began in Boston with Local 718 in 1952 when they instituted a community-wide fundraising effort. It started with a selfless appeal to help a single family and evolved into a North American effort involving tens of thousands of IAFF members. That original selfless act has turned into a for-profit entity […]

IAFF-MDA: The Shakedown, Believe it or Not

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$1,385,000 I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a few folks actually can’t bring themselves to believe that the IAFF Executive Board shakes down MDA for just about $1.4 million dollars each year. One commenter suggested it must be for banners, bags and buttons. Indeed. $1.4M is a lot of money. I bet IAFF leaders […]

IAFF Corruption: Shaking Down Jerry’s Kids

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More Revenue Than The IAFF Financial Corporation This Labor Day Weekend when thousands of IAFF members hit the streets for MDA, little will they know that a nickel of every dollar they collect will be skimmed off and siphoned back to the coffers of the IAFF to help support the champagne lifestyle of our leadership. […]

IAFF Corruption: That Ole’ Grey Goose

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Let’s Hope It Was At Least The Grand-Daddy Size Mr. Schaitberger’s distinct preference for Grey Goose Vodka is legendary. Less well known is how much of your money he would pay to have a bottle of it delivered to his hotel suite. The vast majority of folks staying in a hotel who want a drink […]

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star witness
IAFF Corruption: Nice Ride, Dude
The IAFF membership has no idea what is spent by the king pin. Wine of choice often is Opus One and other expensive wines. One would only have to see his private wine locker. It's worth thousands! Do you think he spent his money, I know he doesn't.
2015-09-25 16:58:16
Bill Hand
Line of Duty: An Imperfect Martyr?
Will said Eric! I am pretty sick of the news media versions of this.
2015-09-24 21:08:59
star witness
IAFF Corruption: When $630,000 Isn’t Enough
If this is correct, Eric, he certainly didn't claim it on his tax returns.
2015-09-18 17:13:41
Eric Lamar
IAFF Corruption: When Walker Wins
Hi, Curtis. I would answer your question by saying that the information fully represents his current reckless spending of member's dues. If I am wrong, and he has suddenly switched to eating at Golden Corral and Sizzler's, he should prove it. Stay tuned and thanks. Eric
2015-09-17 14:57:07
Curtis dunn
IAFF Corruption: When Walker Wins
Eric, do you have anything that's not 5 years old??? Thanks just curious.
2015-09-17 14:44:01
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