Resolution 10: Blame It On 41

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George H. W. Bush Resolution 10, rejected unanimously by the IAFF Convention Constitution and By-Laws Committee without discussion as being without merit was created by President Bush, senior. He issued it as Presidential Executive Order 12,731. The IAFF Ethics resolution is effectively Presidential Executive Order 12, 713 word for word with one addition regarding […]

Our Soul For Sale: Labor Education

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From Brian Gaughan, Past President IAFF Local 4186, Retired Member   As I read the article, I couldn’t help but think back about my many attempts to find out more about Harold’s position on the closing of labors own school of higher education, The National Labor College. From what students and alumni (of which I am […]

Resolution 10: Charlotte 660 Votes “Aye”

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From Tom Brewer, IAFF Local 660 President   I am the president of Local 660 in Charlotte, NC. At our July Business Meeting the membership of our local voted unanimously to support Resolution 10. If it takes a floor fight to get this resolution we will stand with those who stand for what is right. […]

Ethics: Dave Foreman Speaks Out

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Long-Time IAFF Illinois Leader Dave Foreman has been a part of the IAFF for decades. He served as president of the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois for many years before becoming the Fire Marshal of the State. On Schaitberger’s $1,000,000 Undisclosed Deals: “Honesty and integrity have never seemed to be a priority of Harold’s at […]

Ethics: What They’re Saying

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Virginia’s President Mike Mohler: I was on the Constitution and Bylaws committee and it was one of my proudest appointments. I worked with people like Frank Montenaro who set a great example for younger leaders. When it became obvious that I am not a rubber stamp for anyone I was removed from the committee. I […]

IAFF History: Conflict of Ideals

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Patriotism is the Last Refuge of a Scoundrel -Samuel Johnson Britain’s Dr. Johnson was not just talking about America though he heaped scorn on revolutionary patriots when he also said, “How is it that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty from the drivers of negroes?” He had a point. A “splashy” display of love […]

IAFF Ethics: Not-So Trusty Trustees

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Three Blind Mice For the first time in memory our union is having a discussion about ethics. It’s extraordinary, exciting and very healthy despite the fact that it’s a virtual discussion happening here. The Unhappy Ones The only folks who are unhappy about the dialogue are those who have something to lose from a discussion […]

Over the (Double) Rainbow: WDC

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8 July 2014     With apologies to Dorothy.

Ethics: Black Daze Rides Again

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From Black Daze, an Occasional Commentator Who Seems to Know the IAFF Quite Well: Eric: [I'm] just a concerned member with concerns in common with yours. Perhaps it is just my inability to fathom the reach of this medium, but I fear we have merely scratched the surface of this deep, disturbing dilemma. In less […]

FDNY: Death as a Footnote

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Lt. Gordon Matthew Ambelas Lt. Ambelas, assigned to Ladder 119, was killed fighting  a high-rise fire in Williamsburg. His death barely makes the front page of the New York Times, effectively buried as a footnote. In the “New York/Region” section where you would surely expect greater notice it is the ninth story down under “More […]

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