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Package Check: Blame it on the Ladies

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  The Incredible Shrinking Weenie Any list of the least credible information sources would undoubtedly include Italian researchers and, of course, our own Rush.  In fact, that may be the only match-up where Italians come out first. It seems that the Italians have been researching the size of the male sexual organ, hard work if […]

On Holding Forth

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The end of the “regular” DC guiding season is (thankfully) upon us as students complete the school year and head out for their summer adventures. I spent this final week  with fifty Midwestern 8th-graders who were smart and well mannered which is a nice though somewhat rare combination. Tuesday evening we walked some of the […]


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Yesterday I made the weekly pilgrimage to Whole Foods (a.k.a. Whole Paycheck) in order to make just about my only purchase there:  fresh fruit. It’s embarrassingly expensive but also very good.   I wandered the produce aisles worth a late model Mercedes, made my selections and headed up to the checkout area reminiscent of food […]

Demise of the Wandering Mind

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No Gettysburgh Tweet I always thought that slaves in America were confined to a never-ending existence of unrelieved dawn-to-dusk forced labor.  Turns out I was mistaken, at least in part. Many 18th century slaves in the south worked in a task-based system. When they finished their task, usually hoeing a quarter-acre plot, they were done […]

12/01/11: Some Smooth Sailing

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AS-501 Abeam Thomas Point Light 270 degrees, 15:00 hours, wind @ 15 knots 

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