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War: Deadly Kabul Hospital Attack

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Never-Ending Afghanistan We may have gone to war in Afghanistan in 2001 to destroy Bin Laden and al Qaeda, but yesterday’s deadly attack on a military hospital in Kabul which killed 30 and wounded 50, was staged by ISIS, our newest enemy there. Our actual “enemy of note” isn’t even ISIS but rather the Taliban, who […]

No Turning Back: Alice in Afghanistan

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As the American Civil War progressed, Abraham Lincoln despaired of the apparent inability of Union generals to take the fight to the confederacy.  Some generals were blatantly political while others could not withstand the carnage resulting from improved weaponry and bludgeoning tactics.  Then came Grant. The enduring image of U. S. Grant is of the […]

Firing Line: Three More Years of This?

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Twelve more Americans were killed yesterday in Afghanistan in a suicide bombing as they were being transported in an armored vehicle. Yesterday’s killings included five US combat troops. The bombing occurred not in some far off province or in a supposed Taliban stronghold, but rather in downtown Kabul on Darulaman Road, also the site of a […]