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Fukushima: Lessons LearnedóConclusion

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A Level 7 Incident After the explosion involving reactor facility 4, the decision was made to evacuate all ďnon-essentialĒ personnel and 650 workers left the site, leaving just 70 to continue the stabilization work. In addition to the three reactors, there was also concern that the spent fuel pools might be losing water thus allowing […]

Fukushima: Lessons Learned (Part Four)

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Explosions As March 12th dawned the reactors continued out of control with the plant largely reliant on the built-in design safeguards to cope with surging pressures and temperatures. †There was a vital need for electricity so that operating parameters could be observed and maintained, if possible.† In addition, aligning valving for water injection or controlled […]

Fukushima: Lessons Learned (Part Three)

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Flying Blind The incoming tsunamis, much larger than planned for, had destroyed back-up electrical generation capability when the diesel generators were swamped and electrical switch gear wetted.† Electricity was vital in order to monitor the conditions within the reactor vessels and to take actions to prevent a catastrophic event. Plant personnel were now faced with […]

Fukushima: Lessons Learned (Part Two)

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Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant The plant is located on the northeast coast of Japan about 120 miles from Tokyo. †It consists of six (6) GE-designed Boiling Water Reactors. †The steam energy from the boiling water is used to drive turbines which create electricity. †The steams cools and condenses back into water for re-use.††The 860-acre site […]

Fukushima: Lessons Learned (Part One)

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Today begins a five-part series on the events which unfolded at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant as workers tried to simultaneously stabilize three out-of-control reactors after the deadly earthquake.† Fukushima will surely stand as one of the most complex emergency events ever as technicians improvised solutions in an attempt to counteract the run-away physics […]

FE Talk: Humpday Hangout

dave statter
DCFD: Incompetence Writ Large
Also Eric, Local 36 souded the alarm on the tablets wel before thid child died. They warned of disaster and no one listened. During the Ellerbe administration they also warned of impending fleet problems and paramedic shortages. Again, no one listened. That is more leadership on crucial issues than those in charge showed.
2015-07-30 03:55:42
dave statter
DCFD: Incompetence Writ Large
Eric, there is a lot to look at in the lieutenant's statements that make you question his abilities. That said, if every time an officer hears a unit on an EMS call in their first due they call communications or put themselves on the call you will have chaos. The pattern you are missing, that…
2015-07-30 03:31:50
Eric Lamar
DCFD: Incompetence Writ Large
The Post: "But the report also says the lieutenant failed to correct dispatch after his units were dispatched then canceled, even though he could have reached the child faster. " That's reasonably clear to me.
2015-07-30 02:06:57
Sid Polish
DCFD: Incompetence Writ Large
You state Engine 20 was dispatched on the call? Did you even read the report? Your lack of credibility is ruined by the simple fact that you fail to post the correct information. When you want to have an intelligent conversation about this let me know. I'd be glad to inform you of your errors…
2015-07-30 01:57:51
Eric Lamar
DCFD: Incompetence Writ Large
Stolen? Hardly. Used without attribution? Definitely. Removed when pointed out? Instantly. That's the ability to admit a shortcoming, and to correct it, by the way.
2015-07-30 01:06:18
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