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Fire Politics: Train Wreck in Harrisburg

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Like competing Kamikaze pilots fighting for the controls, Harrisburg, PA, politicians are dueling in court for who has the right to place the city in either formal bankruptcy or the State’s legislative equivalent. Harrisburg, the capital of the state, is on the financial ropes after borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars for a failed trash […]

Buckeye Bull’s Eye: Unions Score a (Defensive) Win

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It is a measure of our times when the hoopla over a very important union victory is really grounded in the fact that we managed to simply reclaim ground lost in a recent brazen attack on collective bargaining rights in a key state. This week’s 61-39 vote to overturn the draconian Ohio anti-union bill championed by […]

Politics Afield: Brits Eat Young, Too.

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Immigration is the current “hot tamale” in US politics with states passing restrictive legislation faster than Herman Cain can say “I reject all those charges.” We hear so much about our “open” border that we think we own the issue and it’s nice to learn we don’t.  It’s also nice to realize that amidst all […]

Candidate Cain: Coulter’s Quisling

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Ann Coulter, uber-conservative doyen and right wing grenade thrower is doing her best to infuse the current discussion about the suitability of Herman Cain to be president with calculated race-baiting commentary, which is most odd. Since we already have an African-American president the idea of raising the issue of race is bizarre outside the context […]

Mitt Clarifies: Castrate Unions

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Presidential hopeful and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney apparently stumbled this week when he led some to believe that, as a front-running Republican contender, he was anything less than exuberantly for the destruction of public sector unions. The AP reports that Romney, campaigning in Ohio, “distanced” himself from Governor Kasich’s “efforts to restrict collective bargaining.” […]

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