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The Deutsche Bank Fire and J’accuse? Not So Fast.

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Yesterday’s blog post at IAFF online by Rich Duffy trumpets a “must read” article in a “prestigious, professional online magazine” by author John Steadman concerning the fatal fire at the former Deutsche Bank building which was under demolition at the time of the incident. First, employing “J’accuse”, a reference to the 19th century Dreyfuss affair in […]

Ellerbe’s Elegy: Saga of the 12-hour Shift

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District of Columbia Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe is set to forge ahead with his recently announced plan to convert the department from the current 24/72 work schedule to a 12-hour shift format.  According to Ellerbe, the change saves money ($36M?) and results in decreased staff of up to 400. There are arguments for either side […]

Firehouses: History Versus Safety

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There was an article in the New York Times recently reporting that the US Coast Guard has increased the average body weight calculation for passengers where commercial boating is concerned.  The old weight was 160 and the new one is 185.  Surprise:  people are getting bigger, fast. It seems that fire trucks  and ambulances are […]

FF Safety: What’s Your Search Culture?

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Culture: the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization. The Primary Search A Primary search taking place early in a fire is an extraordinarily  dangerous and high-risk activity because it will likely occur above or in front of hose lines and in poorly ventilated spaces. What is the search […]

Willy-Nilly? Two FDNY Members Burned.

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Willy-Nilly: in a haphazard or spontaneous manner. A Monday morning fire at 1100 Prospect Place in Crown Heights,  Brooklyn, resulted in serious injuries to members of Rescue Company-2 as they apparently conducted a search on the top floor of the dwelling. According to the New York Times, a family with four children lives in the brownstone […]

The Perfect Storm: Killed in the Line of Duty

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Does society have a special duty to those on the front line? While humans are inherently fallible,  Peter Figoski by all accounts, was less so than most.  He was an NYPD Patrol Officer with 22 years of experience and a devoted father of four daughters. This past Monday he was shot to death in Cypress […]

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