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Sour Milk

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Cream rises to the top.  Many are aware of the saying, often delivered in a smug tone, to explain the inevitable emergence of a person into a position of leadership and power.   The words are delivered with an inflection that implies the certainty of the occurrence as well as our daftness for not seeing it […]

Buckeye Bull’s Eye: Unions Score a (Defensive) Win

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It is a measure of our times when the hoopla over a very important union victory is really grounded in the fact that we managed to simply reclaim ground lost in a recent brazen attack on collective bargaining rights in a key state. This week’s 61-39 vote to overturn the draconian Ohio anti-union bill championed by […]

Politics Afield: Brits Eat Young, Too.

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Immigration is the current “hot tamale” in US politics with states passing restrictive legislation faster than Herman Cain can say “I reject all those charges.” We hear so much about our “open” border that we think we own the issue and it’s nice to learn we don’t.  It’s also nice to realize that amidst all […]

Candidate Cain: Coulter’s Quisling

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Ann Coulter, uber-conservative doyen and right wing grenade thrower is doing her best to infuse the current discussion about the suitability of Herman Cain to be president with calculated race-baiting commentary, which is most odd. Since we already have an African-American president the idea of raising the issue of race is bizarre outside the context […]

FE Talk: Humpday Hangout

Eric Lamar
Schaitberger MDA Shakedown: “Unprecedented”
When you say that it is OK for our union to take money originally donated for Sick Children, we find ourselves on different sides of the ethical divide.
2015-09-04 21:17:27
Schaitberger MDA Shakedown: “Unprecedented”
So MDA is keeping $0.94 of every dollar raised, that is exponentially better than most charities do (as Dan pointed out, and you couldn't rebut this point). Would you prefer we just not do "fill the boot" at all and not raise any money for MDA? Then you wouldn't have to write a baseless article…
2015-09-04 20:54:27
Mike Mohler
Schaitberger MDA Shakedown: “Unprecedented”
David, Marvin told us that the late Vinnie Bollon reported in our IAFF magazine that OUR UNION assessed MDA 1.4 million dollars to deposit into the general fund. Local 2068, my Local has raised the most money for MDA several times. The VPFF, my state council, has been one of the top states for years…
2015-09-04 14:13:39
David R. Anders
Schaitberger MDA Shakedown: “Unprecedented”
Have you heard the saying that it is like trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip. Eric, you may be squeezing a beet thinking the red juice is blood. You are looking dumber by the day. A lot more than me keep asking you where is the beef?
2015-09-04 02:20:52
Eric Lamar
Schaitberger MDA Shakedown: “Unprecedented”
Dano--Thank you for failing, completely, to address the issue of the IAFF shaking down the MDA. Quite a feat on your part. E
2015-09-04 01:35:52
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